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Chinese Palm Plant Harvesting:
Optimal Time and Technique

Updated: April 10, 2022

The Chinese palm plant, also known as the Rhapis excelsa, is a popular indoor and outdoor plant that is native to southern China and Taiwan. It is an evergreen plant that can grow up to 6 feet tall with multiple stems and leaves that resemble a fan shape. The Chinese palm plant is not only used for ornamental purposes, but it is also used for medicinal purposes in traditional Chinese medicine. In this article, we will discuss the optimal time and technique for harvesting Chinese palm plants.

Optimal Time for Harvesting

The optimal time for harvesting Chinese palm plants is during the spring or summer months when the plant is actively growing. This is because the plant has a higher concentration of nutrients during this time, which makes it ideal for harvesting. The best time of day to harvest Chinese palm plants is in the morning before the sun becomes too hot. The heat from the sun can cause damage to the leaves and stem of the plant, which can affect the quality of the harvested product.

Technique for Harvesting

Harvesting Chinese palm plants requires a gentle touch to avoid damaging the leaves and stem of the plant. Here are some steps to follow when harvesting:

  1. Prepare your tools – You will need a pair of sharp pruning shears, a clean cutting surface, and a bucket or container to collect the harvested parts.

  2. Identify the stems – Look for stems that are at least 2 feet tall with mature leaves that are fully open.

  3. Cut the stem – Use your pruning shears to cut the stem at an angle, about 1 inch above the base of the stem.

  4. Collect the harvested parts – Place the harvested parts in a bucket or container with enough water to keep them hydrated.

  5. Clean up – Remove any dead or damaged leaves from the remaining parts of the plant.


Can I harvest Chinese palm plants during the winter months?

It is not recommended to harvest Chinese palm plants during the winter months as the plant is dormant and has a lower concentration of nutrients.

How often should I harvest my Chinese palm plant?

You should only harvest your Chinese palm plant when it has reached maturity, which can take up to 3-4 years. After harvesting, you should allow the plant to recover for at least a year before harvesting again.

Can I harvest Chinese palm plants for medicinal purposes?

Yes, the leaves and stem of the Chinese palm plant are used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat various ailments such as coughs, fevers, and inflammation.


Harvesting Chinese palm plants requires patience and precision to ensure that the plant remains healthy and continues to grow. By following the optimal time and technique for harvesting, you can enjoy the benefits of this beautiful and useful plant for years to come.

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