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Aralia Plant Benefits

Updated: January 3, 2023

The Aralia plant is an evergreen shrub that grows up to 10 feet tall and 8 feet wide. Native to many parts of Asia, the Aralia plant is an attractive addition to any garden. Not only does it provide a beautiful backdrop for other plants, but it also has a number of benefits that make it a great choice for your landscape.

Aralia Plant Benefits

Attracts Wildlife

Aralia plants are known for attracting birds and butterflies to your garden. The plant produces small, white flowers during its blooming season that attract these creatures to your yard.

Low Maintenance

Aralia plants are easy to care for and require minimal maintenance. They thrive in full sun or partial shade and only need to be watered when the soil becomes dry. Pruning is rarely necessary, as the plant grows slowly and maintains its shape without intervention.


Aralia plants can be used as a border, hedge, or even as a standalone feature in your garden. The versatile nature of the plant makes them an excellent choice for any outdoor space.

Drought Tolerant

Aralia plants are drought tolerant and can survive long periods without water. This makes them an ideal choice for areas with low rainfall or hot, dry climates.


Aralia plants are evergreen, meaning they stay green year-round and do not lose their leaves in the winter months. This makes them a great choice for creating a lush, green look in your garden throughout the year.


The Aralia plant is a great addition to any garden or landscape due to its low maintenance and versatile nature. It is also drought tolerant and attracts wildlife to your yard, making it an ideal choice for any outdoor space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aralia Plants

What type of soil do Aralia plants need?

Aralia plants prefer well-drained soil with a pH of 6-7. They are tolerant of most soil types, including clay and sandy soils.

How often should I water my Aralia plant?

Aralia plants should be watered when the soil becomes dry, usually about once a week depending on the climate and weather conditions in your area.

What type of climate do Aralia plants prefer?

Aralia plants prefer warm climates with mild winters and hot summers. They can tolerate temperatures down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit but will not survive prolonged periods of cold weather.

Can I prune my Aralia plant?

Pruning is rarely necessary with Aralia plants as they maintain their shape without intervention. However, if you want to shape your plant or remove dead branches, you can do so with sharp pruning shears about once a year.

Do Aralia plants attract wildlife?

Yes, Aralia plants attract birds and butterflies to your garden due to their small white flowers during blooming season.