Updated: May 22, 2022

The Chinese perfume plant, also known as the Aglaia odorata, is a popular shrub native to China and Southeast Asia. It is often grown for its fragrant flowers, which are used in various ways. In this article, we will explore the common uses of the Chinese perfume plant.


As the name suggests, the Chinese perfume plant is primarily grown for its fragrance. Its flowers have a sweet, floral scent that is often compared to jasmine or gardenia. The scent is so strong that even a single plant can fill a room with its aroma.

Because of its fragrance, the Chinese perfume plant is often used in perfumes, candles, and other scented products. The oil extracted from its flowers is also used in aromatherapy.

Traditional Medicine

In traditional Chinese medicine, the Chinese perfume plant is used to treat a variety of ailments. Its leaves and flowers are believed to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, making them useful in treating pain and swelling.

The plant is also thought to have calming effects on the body and mind. It is often used to treat anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

Culinary Uses

While not as common as its fragrance or medicinal uses, the Chinese perfume plant can also be used in cooking. Its flowers are sometimes used to flavor tea or desserts. The leaves can also be used to wrap food for steaming or grilling.

Garden Ornament

Aside from its practical uses, the Chinese perfume plant is also grown for its ornamental value. Its shiny green leaves and delicate white flowers make it an attractive addition to any garden or landscape.

Because it is a subtropical plant, it requires warm temperatures and well-draining soil to thrive. It can be grown in containers or directly in the ground.


Is the Chinese perfume plant toxic?

No, the Chinese perfume plant is not toxic. However, it is not recommended for consumption in large quantities.

How do I care for my Chinese perfume plant?

The Chinese perfume plant requires well-draining soil and regular watering. It also benefits from occasional fertilization and pruning to maintain its shape.

Where can I buy Chinese perfume plants?

Chinese perfume plants can be found at most nurseries or garden centers that specialize in exotic plants. They can also be purchased online from various retailers.

Can I grow Chinese perfume plants indoors?

While it is possible to grow Chinese perfume plants indoors, they require a lot of light and warmth to thrive. It is best to keep them near a window that receives full sun and to provide supplemental heat if necessary.

In conclusion, the Chinese perfume plant has a variety of practical uses, from its fragrance to its medicinal properties. Whether you’re using it in aromatherapy or as a garden ornament, this versatile plant is a valuable addition to any home or landscape.

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