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How Much Sunlight Does Chinese Perfume Plant Need?

Updated: April 4, 2022

The Chinese Perfume Plant, also known as Aglaia odorata, is a tropical plant that is native to Southeast Asia. This plant is popular for its fragrant flowers, which are commonly used in perfumes and other cosmetic products. If you are planning to grow Chinese Perfume Plants, one of the most important factors to consider is the amount of sunlight they require. In this article, we will explore how much sunlight Chinese Perfume Plants need and how to care for them.

Sunlight Requirements

Chinese Perfume Plants require bright, indirect sunlight to thrive. Direct sunlight can be too harsh for the delicate leaves and may cause them to burn or wilt. Therefore, it is recommended to place your plant in a location where it can receive filtered or dappled sunlight throughout the day.

If you are growing Chinese Perfume Plants indoors, place them near a window that receives plenty of natural light throughout the day. You can also use artificial grow lights to provide your plant with sufficient light if necessary.

Care and Maintenance

In addition to providing your Chinese Perfume Plant with the right amount of sunlight, there are other factors to consider when caring for these plants. Here are some tips for maintaining healthy Chinese Perfume Plants:


Chinese Perfume Plants prefer moist soil but do not like to be overwatered. Water your plant thoroughly once a week or when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch. Avoid letting the soil become too dry or too wet, as this can lead to root rot and other issues.


Chinese Perfume Plants benefit from regular fertilization during their growing season (spring and summer). Use a balanced fertilizer every 2-3 weeks to encourage healthy growth and flowering.


Prune your Chinese Perfume Plant regularly to promote bushy growth and maintain its shape. Remove any dead or yellowing leaves and trim back any leggy stems. You can also pinch back the tips of the stems to encourage branching.


Chinese Perfume Plants prefer to be slightly root-bound, so there is no need to repot them frequently. Repot your plant every 2-3 years or when it becomes too large for its current pot. Use a well-draining soil mix and a pot with drainage holes to prevent waterlogging.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I water my Chinese Perfume Plant?

Water your plant thoroughly once a week or when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch.

Can I grow Chinese Perfume Plants indoors?

Yes, Chinese Perfume Plants can be grown indoors as long as they receive bright, indirect sunlight and regular care.

How do I propagate my Chinese Perfume Plant?

Chinese Perfume Plants can be propagated by stem cuttings or layering. Take a cutting from a healthy stem and root it in water or soil. Alternatively, bend a low-hanging stem to the ground and cover it with soil to encourage rooting.

Why are the leaves on my Chinese Perfume Plant turning yellow?

Yellow leaves can be a sign of overwatering or underwatering, nutrient deficiencies, or pest infestations. Check your plant’s soil moisture levels and fertilization schedule, and inspect for any signs of pests.

In conclusion, Chinese Perfume Plants require bright, indirect sunlight to thrive. By providing your plant with the right amount of light and following proper care and maintenance practices, you can enjoy fragrant blooms year-round.

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