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What Are The Little Bugs on My Corkscrew Plant

Updated: April 10, 2023

If you’ve noticed small bugs crawling around your corkscrew plant, you’re not alone. These little critters can be frustrating to deal with, but they’re not uncommon. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what these bugs are, why they might be on your plant, and how to get rid of them.

Identifying the Bugs

The bugs you’re likely seeing on your corkscrew plant are aphids. Aphids are tiny insects that typically measure less than 1/8 inch long. They come in a variety of colors, including green, yellow, brown, and black. They have soft bodies and long antennae.

One way to identify aphids is by their feeding habits. They feed by piercing the plant’s tissue and sucking out the sap. This can cause the leaves to curl or turn yellow.

Why Are They on My Plant?

Aphids are attracted to plants that are tender and new. If your corkscrew plant is young or has new growth, it may be particularly attractive to these bugs.

Another reason aphids may be on your plant is because of ants. Ants have a symbiotic relationship with aphids – they protect them from predators in exchange for the sweet honeydew they produce. So if you see ants crawling around your corkscrew plant, there’s a good chance they’re there because of the aphids.

Getting Rid of Aphids

Fortunately, getting rid of aphids is relatively easy. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Blast them off with water: Use a hose to spray down your corkscrew plant, focusing on the undersides of the leaves where aphids like to hide. This will knock them off the plant and make it harder for them to climb back up.

  • Use insecticidal soap: Insecticidal soap is a safe and effective way to kill aphids. You can purchase it at most garden centers. Follow the instructions on the label for best results.

  • Introduce natural predators: Ladybugs and lacewings are natural predators of aphids. You can purchase them online or at some garden centers and release them near your corkscrew plant.

Preventing Future Infestations

To prevent future aphid infestations, there are a few things you can do:

  • Keep your plant healthy: A healthy corkscrew plant is less likely to attract aphids. Make sure it’s getting the right amount of water, fertilizer, and sunlight.

  • Monitor regularly: Check your plant regularly for signs of aphids or other pests. The earlier you catch an infestation, the easier it will be to get rid of.

  • Control ants: If you have an ant problem, control them with bait stations or by sealing up any cracks or crevices they may be using to enter your home.


Can aphids harm my corkscrew plant?

Yes, aphids can harm your corkscrew plant by sucking out the sap and causing the leaves to curl or turn yellow.

Are there any natural remedies for getting rid of aphids?

Yes, blasting them off with water and introducing natural predators like ladybugs and lacewings are both natural ways to get rid of aphids.

How can I prevent future infestations?

Keeping your plant healthy, monitoring regularly, and controlling ants are all ways to prevent future aphid infestations.