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How to Get Rid of Gnats in Corkscrew Plant

Updated: July 10, 2022

Gnats are tiny flying insects that can quickly infest a corkscrew plant. These pests can be quite frustrating to deal with, as they can damage the plant and make it look unsightly. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to get rid of gnats in your corkscrew plant.

Why Do Gnats Infest Corkscrew Plants?

Gnats are attracted to moist soil and decaying organic matter, which is why they often infest potted plants. The corkscrew plant is no exception, as the soil in its pot can provide an ideal breeding ground for gnats. Overwatering the plant can also contribute to the problem, as the excess moisture can create the perfect environment for these pests to thrive.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Rid of Gnats in Corkscrew Plants

  1. Identify the Source of the Infestation: Before you can get rid of gnats, you need to identify where they are coming from. Check the soil and drainage holes in your corkscrew plant’s pot for signs of larvae or adult gnats.

  2. Let the Soil Dry Out: Overwatering is a common cause of gnat infestations in corkscrew plants. To get rid of gnats, let the soil dry out completely before watering your plant again.

  3. Use Sticky Traps: Sticky traps can help catch adult gnats and prevent them from laying eggs in your corkscrew plant’s soil. Place sticky traps near the plant or on top of the soil to trap any flying pests.

  4. Use Hydrogen Peroxide: A solution of hydrogen peroxide and water can kill off gnat larvae in your corkscrew plant’s soil. Mix one part hydrogen peroxide with four parts water and pour it into the soil. Let the solution sit for about 30 minutes before watering your plant again.

  5. Repot Your Plant: If your corkscrew plant’s soil is infested with gnats, repotting it into fresh soil can help get rid of the pests. Be sure to clean the pot thoroughly before adding new soil.

  6. Use Insecticidal Soap: Insecticidal soap can be used to kill off adult gnats on contact. Spray the soap on the leaves and soil of your corkscrew plant to kill any flying pests.

Prevention Tips for Avoiding Gnat Infestations in Corkscrew Plants

Prevention is key when it comes to avoiding gnat infestations in your corkscrew plant. Here are a few tips to keep these pests at bay:

  • Water your plant only when the soil is dry to the touch.
  • Use a well-draining soil mixture that allows excess water to drain quickly.
  • Clean up any decaying organic matter, such as fallen leaves or dead flowers, from around your corkscrew plant.
  • Keep your plant in a well-ventilated area with plenty of natural light.


What are gnats?

Gnats are tiny flying insects that are often found around potted plants. They are attracted to moist soil and decaying organic matter.

Can gnats harm my corkscrew plant?

Gnats can damage your corkscrew plant by feeding on its roots and leaves. They can also make the plant look unsightly by leaving behind black fecal matter on its leaves.

Can I use chemical insecticides to get rid of gnats in my corkscrew plant?

Chemical insecticides should be used as a last resort, as they can harm beneficial insects and pollinators. Stick with natural solutions, such as hydrogen peroxide or insecticidal soap, to get rid of gnats in your corkscrew plant.