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Is Corn Tree Plant Safe for My Pets?

Updated: December 24, 2022

As a pet owner, you want to make sure that your furry friends are safe from any harmful substances or plants in your home. The Corn Tree Plant, also known as Dracaena fragrans, is a popular houseplant that is known for its attractive foliage and easy maintenance. However, before adding this plant to your collection, it’s important to know whether it’s safe for your pets.

What is a Corn Tree Plant?

The Corn Tree Plant is a tropical plant that is native to Africa. It’s a popular houseplant due to its attractive foliage and ability to purify the air. The plant can reach up to 6 feet tall and has long, narrow leaves that grow in a rosette pattern.

Is the Corn Tree Plant Toxic to Pets?

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the Corn Tree Plant is toxic to both dogs and cats. The plant contains saponins, which can cause gastrointestinal upset, vomiting, and diarrhea if ingested by pets.

In addition to saponins, the Corn Tree Plant also contains a chemical called dracotoxin, which can cause swelling of the tongue and throat, difficulty breathing, and even death in severe cases.

How Can I Keep My Pets Safe?

If you have a Corn Tree Plant in your home and you have pets, it’s important to take precautions to keep your furry friends safe. Here are some tips:

  • Keep the plant out of reach: If possible, keep the plant in an area that is inaccessible to your pets, such as on a high shelf or in a room that your pets don’t have access to.
  • Train your pets: Train your pets not to chew on plants or investigate them too closely. This can be done through positive reinforcement training methods.
  • Consider alternative plants: If you’re looking for a pet-friendly houseplant, consider plants that are non-toxic to pets, such as spider plants, Boston ferns, or African violets.


In conclusion, the Corn Tree Plant is toxic to both dogs and cats and can cause serious health problems if ingested. If you have pets in your home, it’s important to take precautions to keep them safe from this plant. Consider alternative plants that are pet-friendly and be sure to train your pets not to investigate or chew on plants.


What should I do if my pet ingests the Corn Tree Plant?

If your pet ingests the Corn Tree Plant, contact your veterinarian immediately. They may recommend inducing vomiting or providing supportive care to help your pet recover.

Are all Dracaena plants toxic to pets?

No, not all Dracaena plants are toxic to pets. However, it’s important to research each specific species before adding it to your home to ensure that it’s safe for your pets.

Can the Corn Tree Plant cause skin irritation in pets?

Yes, some pets may experience skin irritation if they come into contact with the sap of the Corn Tree Plant. If you notice any signs of skin irritation in your pet, wash the affected area with soap and water and contact your veterinarian if necessary.