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Is Chandelier Plant Safe for My Pets?

Updated: April 21, 2022

If you are a pet owner and love indoor plants, it is essential to know which plants are safe for your pets. Chandelier plant, also known as String of Pearls, is a unique and charming plant that is becoming increasingly popular among plant enthusiasts. However, if you have cats, dogs, or other pets, you may wonder if the chandelier plant is safe for them. In this article, we will explore whether chandelier plants are safe for your pets.

What is a Chandelier Plant?

Chandelier Plant or String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus) is a unique succulent plant with small spherical leaves that grow on thin stems that can reach up to 3 feet long. This plant is native to Southwest Africa and is often grown as an indoor plant due to its delicate appearance and low maintenance requirements.

Are Chandelier Plants Safe for Pets?

Unfortunately, chandelier plants are not safe for pets. The plant contains toxins that can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and even death in pets if ingested in large quantities. The toxins in the chandelier plant are called alkaloids, which are found in many other plants too. The alkaloids can cause liver damage and even lead to liver failure in some cases.

It’s important to note that cats are more susceptible to the toxic effects of chandelier plants than dogs. Cats are more likely to chew on plants and can quickly ingest a large amount of the toxic alkaloids.

What Are The Symptoms Of Poisoning From Chandelier Plants?

If your pet has ingested some part of the chandelier plant, you may notice some immediate symptoms including vomiting or diarrhea. Other symptoms include:

  • Drooling
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Abdominal pain
  • Tremors

If you notice any of these symptoms in your pet, contact your veterinarian immediately.

How To Keep Your Pets Safe Around Chandelier Plants?

The best way to keep your pets safe around chandelier plants is to avoid having them in your home altogether. If you already have a chandelier plant and want to keep your pets safe, here are some tips:

  • Keep the plant out of reach of your pets. Place it on a high shelf or hang it from the ceiling.
  • Use a sturdy planter that cannot be knocked over by pets.
  • Train your pets not to chew on plants.


In conclusion, chandelier plants are not safe for pets. If you have cats, dogs, or other animals in your home, it’s best to avoid having chandelier plants altogether. If you already have a chandelier plant, take precautions to keep your pets away from it.


Are there any other plants that are toxic to pets?

Yes, many other plants are toxic to pets, including lilies, azaleas, and daffodils.

What should I do if my pet has ingested part of a chandelier plant?

Contact your veterinarian immediately.

Can I grow chandelier plants outside?

Yes, chandelier plants can be grown outside in areas with warm climates.

Can I still enjoy indoor plants if I have pets?

Yes, there are many pet-friendly indoor plants available. Some examples include spider plants, Boston ferns, and African violets.