Updated: October 13, 2022


Fuchsia plants are a beautiful addition to any garden, but they are vulnerable to infestation by slaters. Slaters, also known as pill bugs or woodlice, are small crustaceans that feed on decaying organic matter. They can cause significant damage to fuchsia plants by feeding on the roots and leaves. This article will provide tips on how to get rid of slaters on fuchsia plants and prevent future infestations.

Identify the Problem

Before trying to get rid of slaters, you need to confirm that they are the culprit. Slaters are easy to identify as they have a distinctive appearance. They have a grey or brown segmented body and seven pairs of legs. They curl up into a ball when disturbed, which makes them resemble pills.

If you notice damage to your fuchsia plants, inspect them for slaters. Check the undersides of leaves, around the base of the plant, and in the soil. If you see any slaters, it is time to take action.


The best way to deal with slaters is to prevent them from infesting your fuchsia plants in the first place. Here are some prevention tips:

  • Keep your garden clean and tidy by removing dead leaves and other debris.
  • Avoid overwatering your fuchsia plants as this can create damp conditions that attract slaters.
  • Use a well-draining soil mix when planting your fuchsia plants.
  • Apply a layer of mulch around your plants to discourage slaters from laying eggs in the soil.

Natural Remedies

If you already have an infestation of slaters on your fuchsia plant, there are several natural remedies you can try to get rid of them. These remedies are safe for both the plant and the environment.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a natural powder that is made from the fossilized remains of diatoms. It is safe for plants and animals but deadly to slaters. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth around the base of your fuchsia plant, and the slaters will avoid it.

Beer Traps

Slaters are attracted to the yeast in beer. Place a small container of beer at ground level near your fuchsia plant, and the slaters will crawl into it and drown. Make sure to change the beer every few days.

Coffee Grounds

Sprinkle used coffee grounds around the base of your fuchsia plant. The caffeine in the coffee is toxic to slaters, and they will avoid it.

Chemical Remedies

If natural remedies fail to get rid of slaters on your fuchsia plant, you may need to resort to chemical remedies. Here are some options:


Insecticides are chemicals that kill insects. There are several insecticides available that are effective against slaters. Look for one that is labeled safe for use on fuchsia plants.

Copper Tape

Copper tape is a sticky tape that has copper particles embedded in it. Slugs and snails are repelled by copper, and it also works against slaters. Wrap copper tape around the base of your fuchsia plant to keep slaters away.


Slaters can be a nuisance, but they can be controlled using natural or chemical remedies. Prevention is always better than cure, so take steps to keep slaters away from your fuchsia plants.


Are slaters harmful to humans?

No, slaters are not harmful to humans.

Can I use any insecticide on my fuchsia plant?

No, not all insecticides are safe for use on fuchsia plants. Look for one that is labeled safe for use on ornamental plants.

Will copper tape harm my fuchsia plant?

No, copper tape is safe for use on fuchsia plants.