Updated: May 23, 2022

Coin plants, also known as Chinese money plants, are popular indoor plants due to their unique round leaves and low maintenance. However, like any plant, they can be susceptible to pests such as scales. Scales are small insects that attach themselves to the leaves of the plant and feed on its sap. If left untreated, scales can cause damage to the plant and even kill it. Here are some tips on how to get rid of scales on coin plants.

Identify the Scales

Before you can effectively get rid of scales on your coin plant, you need to identify them. Scales appear as small, round or oval bumps on the leaves of the plant. They can be black, brown, or tan in color and may have a waxy or shiny appearance. The scales may also produce a sticky substance called honeydew which can attract other pests such as ants.

Remove Scales by Hand

The first step in getting rid of scales on your coin plant is to physically remove them by hand. This can be done by gently wiping the leaves with a soft cloth or cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. The alcohol will help dissolve the waxy coating that protects the scales and make them easier to remove.

Use Insecticidal Soap

If there are too many scales to remove by hand, or if they keep coming back, you can use insecticidal soap. Insecticidal soap is a natural, non-toxic product that is effective in killing scales and other pests. Simply mix the soap with water according to the instructions on the package and spray it onto the leaves of the plant. Be sure to cover both the top and bottom of the leaves.

Apply Neem Oil

Another natural remedy for getting rid of scales on coin plants is neem oil. Neem oil is derived from the neem tree and has insecticidal properties. To use neem oil, mix it with water according to the instructions on the package and spray it onto the leaves of the plant. Neem oil can also be used as a preventative measure to keep scales from returning.

Keep the Plant Healthy

One of the best ways to prevent scales from infesting your coin plant is to keep the plant healthy. Scales are attracted to weak or stressed plants, so make sure your plant is getting enough water and nutrients. Also, avoid overwatering and make sure the plant has good drainage. If the plant is in direct sunlight, move it to a location with indirect light.


Are scales harmful to humans?

No, scales are not harmful to humans. However, they can cause damage to plants if left untreated.

Can I use chemical pesticides to get rid of scales?

Yes, chemical pesticides can be effective in getting rid of scales. However, they may also harm beneficial insects and can be toxic to pets and humans if not used properly.

How often should I check my coin plant for scales?

It is a good idea to check your coin plant for scales on a regular basis, especially if you notice any signs of infestation such as honeydew or black sooty mold.

Can I use rubbing alcohol on other plants besides coin plants?

Yes, rubbing alcohol can be used on other plants to remove scales and other pests. However, it is important to test a small area first to make sure the plant can tolerate the alcohol.

In conclusion, getting rid of scales on your coin plant requires patience and persistence. By identifying the scales, removing them by hand, using natural remedies such as insecticidal soap and neem oil, keeping the plant healthy, and regularly checking for infestations, you can successfully protect your coin plant from these pesky pests.