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Azolla Plant Benefits

Updated: January 3, 2023

Azolla is a genus of aquatic ferns that can be found in freshwater habitats around the world. It is also known as fairy moss, mosquito fern, water velvet, and duckweed fern because of its small size and delicate foliage. Azolla has a number of beneficial uses, from being used as a fertilizer to being used as a bioindicator for environmental conditions. In this article, we’ll explore the 5 main benefits of the azolla plant.

Azolla Plant Benefits

Nitrogen Fixation

Azolla is able to fix nitrogen from the atmosphere and convert it into usable forms of nitrogen for plants. This makes it an ideal natural fertilizer for aquatic systems and can be used to boost the growth of other aquatic plants.

Soil Improvement

Azolla adds organic matter to the soil and can help improve soil structure and drainage. It also contains beneficial bacteria that can help break down organic matter in the soil, which can further improve soil fertility.

Pest Control

Azolla can help control many types of pests in aquatic systems. Its small size means it can easily be spread over the water surface, providing a physical barrier to many types of insects and fish pests.


Azolla can be used as a bioindicator of environmental conditions such as water quality and nutrient levels. The presence or absence of certain species of azolla can provide valuable information about the state of an aquatic system.

Aesthetic Appeal

Azolla has a unique and attractive appearance that adds visual interest to any aquatic system. Its delicate foliage provides a lush green backdrop for other aquatic plants and animals, making it an aesthetically pleasing addition to any aquarium or pond.

Frequently Asked Questions About Azolla Plants

What Is Azolla?

Azolla is a genus of small aquatic ferns that are found in freshwater habitats around the world. They are sometimes referred to as fairy moss, mosquito fern, water velvet, or duckweed fern due to their small size and delicate foliage.

How Can I Use Azolla?

Azolla can be used for a number of beneficial purposes, such as natural fertilizer for aquatic systems, pest control, soil improvement, and bioindicator for environmental conditions.

Is Azolla Easy To Grow?

Yes, azolla is very easy to grow. It prefers shallow water with plenty of sunlight and does not require much maintenance or care once it is established.

Can Azolla Be Used In Aquariums?

Yes, azolla is often used in aquariums as an aesthetic feature as well as providing beneficial effects such as nitrate reduction and pest control.

Can Azolla Be Eaten?

Yes, azolla can be eaten by humans and animals alike. It has a mild flavor and is high in protein, making it a popular food source in some parts of the world.


The azolla plant offers numerous benefits for both people and the environment. It can be used as a natural fertilizer for aquatic systems, pest control agent, soil improver, bioindicator, and aesthetic feature in aquariums or ponds. Additionally, azolla can also be eaten by humans or animals due to its high protein content and mild flavor. If you’re looking for an easy-to-grow plant with numerous beneficial uses, then consider adding azolla to your aquarium or pond today.