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Why Your Frogbit Plant Is Growing Sideways

Updated: July 17, 2022

If you’re a fan of aquatic plants, you may have come across frogbit at some point. This floating plant is popular among aquarium enthusiasts for its unique look and easy maintenance. However, if you notice that your frogbit plant is growing sideways instead of upwards, there may be a few factors at play.

Lack of Light

One common reason for sideways growth in frogbit plants is a lack of light. Like any other plant, frogbit requires a certain amount of light to grow properly. If your plant isn’t getting enough light, it may start growing sideways in an attempt to reach more light.

To fix this issue, try moving your plant closer to a source of light, whether that’s a window or aquarium light. You can also consider investing in a stronger aquarium light if necessary.

Poor Water Flow

Another possible cause of sideways growth in frogbit plants is poor water flow. These plants rely on water currents to move them around and help distribute nutrients evenly. If there isn’t enough water flow in your aquarium or tank, the frogbit may start growing sideways as it struggles to find the nutrients it needs.

To address this issue, consider adding a water pump or filter to your aquarium to improve circulation. You can also try gently stirring the water around your frogbit plant by hand every few days.


Finally, overcrowding can also cause your frogbit plant to grow sideways. If there are too many plants in one area, they may start competing with each other for resources and space. This can lead to unusual growth patterns, including sideways growth.

To prevent overcrowding, make sure you’re not planting too many frogbit plants in one area of your aquarium or tank. It’s also a good idea to regularly trim back any excess growth to keep your plants healthy and happy.

By addressing these common issues, you can help your frogbit plant grow properly and maintain its unique shape and appearance.


Can I trim my frogbit plant?

Yes! Trimming back any excess growth can help prevent overcrowding and keep your frogbit healthy. You can use sharp scissors or pruning shears to carefully cut away any extra leaves or stems.

How often should I water my frogbit plant?

Frogbit is a floating plant, so it doesn’t need to be watered like a traditional plant. Instead, it absorbs nutrients directly from the water in your aquarium or tank. Make sure the water is clean and well-maintained to keep your frogbit healthy.

Can I propagate my frogbit plant?

Yes! Frogbit plants reproduce quickly and easily, making them a great option for propagating. You can separate individual plants by gently pulling them apart at the roots, or by trimming the tips of the stems and replanting them in another area of your aquarium or tank.