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Where to Purchase a Ghost Succulent Plant

Updated: December 20, 2022

Are you looking for a unique and captivating addition to your indoor plant collection? Look no further than the ghost succulent plant. With its frosty white leaves and stunning texture, it’s sure to catch the eye of any plant enthusiast.

But where can you purchase one of these rare plants? Here are some options to consider:

Online Retailers

One of the easiest ways to purchase a ghost succulent is through online retailers. There are many websites that specialize in selling unique and rare plants, including ghost succulents. Some popular options include Etsy, Amazon, and The Succulent Source.

When purchasing from an online retailer, be sure to check the seller’s ratings and reviews to ensure they have a good reputation. Also, keep in mind that shipping may take longer and the plant may be more vulnerable to damage during transit.

Local Nurseries

If you prefer to see and touch the plant before purchasing, consider visiting a local nursery or garden center. Many nurseries carry a variety of succulents, including ghost succulents.

One advantage of purchasing from a local nursery is that you can inspect the plant for any damage or signs of disease before buying it. You can also ask the staff for advice on caring for your new plant.

Specialty Plant Stores

Another option is to visit specialty plant stores. These stores often carry a wider variety of unusual plants and may have ghost succulents available.

While these stores may have higher prices than other retailers, you may also find more unique varieties than at a regular nursery or garden center. Plus, the staff at specialty plant stores are often knowledgeable about caring for unusual plants and can provide helpful tips.

Online Plant Swaps

Finally, you may be able to find a ghost succulent through online plant swaps or trade groups. These groups allow plant enthusiasts to trade cuttings or entire plants with each other.

While this option may take more effort than simply purchasing a plant, it can be a fun way to connect with other plant lovers and expand your collection.

No matter where you choose to purchase your ghost succulent, be sure to research how to care for it properly. These plants require bright, indirect sunlight and well-draining soil, and can be sensitive to overwatering.

With its striking appearance and unique texture, a ghost succulent is sure to make a beautiful addition to any plant collection.


Are ghost succulents easy to care for?

Ghost succulents require bright, indirect sunlight and well-draining soil. They can be sensitive to overwatering, so it’s important to let the soil dry out between waterings. With proper care, they can be relatively easy to maintain.

Can I propagate my ghost succulent?

Yes, ghost succulents can be propagated through stem cuttings. Simply cut a stem from the plant and allow it to callus over for a few days before placing it in well-draining soil.

How often should I water my ghost succulent?

Ghost succulents should be watered when the top inch of soil is dry. Depending on the humidity and temperature in your home, this may be every 1-2 weeks.

Do ghost succulents need fertilizer?

While not necessary, ghost succulents can benefit from occasional fertilization during the growing season (spring and summer). Use a balanced fertilizer diluted to half strength.

Can ghost succulents be grown outdoors?

Ghost succulents are native to Mexico and prefer warm temperatures. They can be grown outdoors in USDA zones 9-11, but should be protected from frost or extreme heat.

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