Updated: October 7, 2022

Curcuma ginger plants, also known as turmeric plants, are popular for their medicinal properties and unique appearance. These plants can be grown indoors or outdoors, making them a great addition to any garden or home. If you’re interested in purchasing a curcuma ginger plant, there are several options available.

Online Nurseries

One of the easiest ways to purchase a curcuma ginger plant is through an online nursery. There are several reputable nurseries that specialize in rare and exotic plants, including curcuma ginger plants. These nurseries often have a wide variety of plants to choose from and can ship directly to your door.

Some popular online nurseries that sell curcuma ginger plants include:

  • Logee’s Plants for Home & Garden
  • Plant Delights Nursery
  • The Ginger People

Local Nurseries and Garden Centers

Another option for purchasing a curcuma ginger plant is through your local nursery or garden center. These stores often carry a variety of plants, including curcuma ginger plants during the growing season.

If your local nursery doesn’t have a curcuma ginger plant in stock, you can ask the staff if they can order one for you. Many nurseries are willing to special order plants for customers.

Farmers Markets and Plant Sales

Farmers markets and plant sales are great places to find unique and rare plants, including curcuma ginger plants. These events typically take place during the growing season and offer a variety of locally grown plants.

Check with your local farmers market or horticultural society to find out when the next plant sale will be held in your area.

Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces, such as Amazon and Etsy, offer a wide variety of products, including curcuma ginger plants. These marketplaces allow sellers from around the world to offer their products to customers.

When purchasing from an online marketplace, be sure to read the seller’s reviews and policies before making a purchase. This will ensure that you are buying from a reputable seller and that you understand the terms of the sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can curcuma ginger plants be grown indoors?

Yes, curcuma ginger plants can be grown indoors as long as they receive adequate sunlight and are kept in a warm environment.

How often should I water my curcuma ginger plant?

Curcuma ginger plants prefer moist soil, so they should be watered regularly. However, it’s important not to overwater the plant as this can lead to root rot.

Can curcuma ginger plants be grown in containers?

Yes, curcuma ginger plants can be grown in containers. Be sure to use a container that is large enough for the plant to grow and has drainage holes in the bottom.

Are curcuma ginger plants easy to care for?

Curcuma ginger plants require regular watering and fertilization, but overall they are relatively easy to care for. They may go dormant during the winter months and can be brought back to life in the spring with proper care.

Can I eat the rhizomes of my curcuma ginger plant?

Yes, the rhizomes of the curcuma ginger plant are edible and are commonly used in cooking. The rhizomes can be harvested once they have matured and can be used fresh or dried.