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Most Popular Indoor Plants

Updated: December 30, 2022

You visited a friend’s place and loved the dark green foliage in the hanging baskets on the wall? You instantly got excited about your own beautiful little indoor garden? But, not sure how to pick the right plants to decorate your indoor garden?

Here we have a brief list of the best house plants that you can easily grow indoors. So, let’s begin!

Most Popular and Low Maintenance Houseplants

These plants are popular as house plants due to their natural habitat. They are tropical plants that spend most of their lives under the shades of other trees. Due to less requirement of direct light, they flourish rapidly indoors, too, without direct sun.

Chinese Money Plant

The deep green leaves of the Chinese money plant make it a perfect indoor plant. This plant needs indirect light and moist soil for healthy growth. You can keep the soil moisture ideal for your money tree by consistent watering.

When choosing a money plant, you have to be careful. There are many types of money plants, including jade plant, devil’s ivy, etc. All these varieties require different conditions for growth. For example, the jade plant grows better in direct sunlight. While devil’s ivy, like the Chinese money plant, thrives in indirect light.

So, before placing a money tree indoors, make sure to do detailed research about the type.

Snake Plant

If you want a very low maintenance houseplant, then it’s a snake plant. After planting this snake plant, you don’t have to worry about low light conditions or under watering. The low water requirement of the snake plant makes it drought resistant. The ideal plant light requirement is bright, indirect light.

Snake plant is a good air filter for indoors. They filter out the air pollutants for improved and clean indoor air.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo plants can be an excellent addition to your home if you have limited space. Lucky bamboo plants are associated with good fortune and prosperity. Unlike bamboo, lucky bamboo doesn’t grow outdoors. You can control its growth by clipping the top.

It is an easy to care plant and can’t tolerate bright light conditions. So, protect your bamboo from direct sunlight. It can do well in artificial light too. However, the water requirement of bamboo is high. Therefore, you have to keep the soil moist.

Spider Plant

Spider plant is a low maintenance, good air purifying plant. These indoor plants don’t need much of your time like many plants. Your spider plant will grow healthy even if you neglect it for weeks.

Moist soil is ideal for spider plants, but they can thrive on weekly watering. To keep your spider plant keep, avoid direct sunlight. These plants love indirect light, which makes them popular houseplants.

Prayer Plant

Prayer plants have distinguished vein-like leaf patterns, making them excellent decorative indoor plants. The unique name of these plants is due to the distinct leaves. The leaves of the prayer plants are folded like the hands are folded while praying.

Like other plants of tropical origin, prayer plants also need bright, indirect sunlight for growth. These plants prefer moist soil but don’t create soggy soil by watering too much. The leaves of the prayer plant are very sensitive to direct sunlight. Many hours of continuous bright light exposure can burn the leaves of your prayer plant.

Therefore, place the pots of prayer plants in a corner that receives sufficient but indirect sunlight.

ZZ Plant

Zamioculcas zamiifolia or ZZ plant is one of the most popular houseplants for a lot of reasons. The dark green attractive leaves can quickly grab anyone’s attention. In addition to this, the smooth, waxy leaves are excellent reflectors of light for brightening your indoor.

ZZ plants are drought resistant and can tolerate neglect too. They need a medium to bright indirect sunlight for growth. These plants don’t need frequent watering. So, if you’re not used to caring for plants before, you can have ZZ plant as your indoor plant. It won’t demand a strict caring routine from you.


How much direct sunlight or bright light is suitable for indoor plants?

Most indoor plants need at least 5 to 6 hours of direct sunlight for optimal growth. Some plants can require even more, depending upon their natural habitat.

What are the easiest house plants to grow?

The list of the easiest house plants to grow includes spider plant, devil’s ivy, snake plant, philodendron, aloe vera.