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How to Tell if Carrara Plant Needs Watering?

Updated: April 17, 2022

Carrara plants, also known as Calathea makoyana, are native to the tropical rainforests of South America. They are popular among indoor plant enthusiasts due to their striking foliage with green and pink stripes. However, caring for these plants can be a bit tricky, especially when it comes to watering. In this article, we will discuss how to tell if your Carrara plant needs watering and some tips on how to water it properly.

Signs that your Carrara plant needs watering

The first step in determining if your Carrara plant needs watering is to observe its leaves. Here are some signs that your plant is thirsty:

1. Wilting leaves

If the leaves of your Carrara plant are drooping or wilting, it may be a sign that it needs water. However, it is essential to note that overwatering can also cause wilting.

2. Yellowing leaves

Yellowing leaves can also indicate that your plant needs water. When a Carrara plant lacks moisture, its leaves will turn yellow and eventually die.

3. Dry soil

If the soil feels dry to the touch, it is a clear indication that your plant needs watering. However, before watering, make sure to check the soil’s moisture level by sticking your finger about an inch deep into the soil.

4. Curling leaves

When a Carrara plant lacks water, its leaves will curl or wilt inward. This is the plant’s way of conserving moisture.

Tips on how to water your Carrara plant properly

Watering a Carrara plant requires a delicate balance between not enough and too much water. Here are some tips on how to water your plant properly:

1. Use room temperature water

Carrara plants are sensitive to temperature changes, so it is crucial to use room temperature water when watering them. Cold water can shock the plant’s roots, while hot water can scald them.

2. Water thoroughly

When watering your Carrara plant, make sure to water it thoroughly until the excess water drains out of the pot’s bottom. This ensures that the roots receive enough moisture.

3. Water less often

Overwatering is a common mistake when caring for Carrara plants. They prefer moist soil but not soaking wet soil. It is best to water less often and let the soil dry out slightly between watering sessions.

4. Use well-draining soil

Carrara plants need well-draining soil to prevent water from accumulating around their roots. Use a soil mix that contains perlite or sand to improve drainage.


How often should I water my Carrara plant?

It is best to water your Carrara plant once a week or when the top inch of soil feels dry.

Can I use tap water to water my Carrara plant?

Yes, you can use tap water as long as you let it sit for 24 hours before watering your plant. This allows any chlorine or fluoride in the water to evaporate, which can be harmful to the plant.

Should I mist my Carrara plant?

Yes, misting your Carrara plant regularly can help increase humidity levels and keep its leaves looking healthy.

In conclusion, caring for Carrara plants requires attention and care, particularly when it comes to watering. By following these tips and observing your plant’s leaves for signs of thirst, you can keep your Carrara plant healthy and thriving.