Updated: October 13, 2022

Repotting your Gollum Jade plant is an essential task that helps promote healthy growth and development. This succulent plant needs a well-draining potting mix to avoid root rot, which can cause irreversible damage. In this article, we will guide you on how to repot your Gollum Jade plant and provide you with some tips to ensure its long-term health.

When to Repot Your Gollum Jade Plant

The best time to repot your Gollum Jade plant is during its active growth phase, which is typically in the spring or summer. Repotting during this time allows the plant to adjust to its new environment quickly, and it can recover from any damage caused during the process. However, if you notice that the roots are coming out of the drainage holes or the soil is compacted, it’s time to repot your plant.

Materials Needed

Before repotting your Gollum Jade plant, gather the following materials:

  • A new pot that’s one size larger than the current one
  • A well-draining potting mix
  • Gloves
  • Pruning shears
  • A trowel or spoon

Steps to Repot Your Gollum Jade Plant

Follow these simple steps to repot your Gollum Jade plant:

  1. Water your plant a few days before repotting to make it easier to remove from the pot.
  2. Put on gloves and gently remove your plant from its current pot. You may need to use a trowel or spoon to loosen the soil around the edges of the pot.
  3. Remove any dead or damaged roots using pruning shears.
  4. Add a layer of fresh potting mix at the bottom of the new pot.
  5. Place your Gollum Jade plant in the center of the new pot.
  6. Fill in the gaps around the plant with fresh potting mix, making sure to leave some space at the top for watering.
  7. Gently pat down the soil around the plant with your fingers.

Tips for Maintaining Your Repotted Gollum Jade Plant

To ensure the long-term health of your repotted Gollum Jade plant, follow these tips:

  • Water your plant only when the top inch of soil is dry to avoid overwatering and root rot.
  • Provide your plant with bright, indirect sunlight to promote healthy growth.
  • Fertilize your plant with a balanced fertilizer during its active growth phase.
  • Keep an eye out for any pests or diseases and treat them immediately to prevent further damage.


How often should I repot my Gollum Jade plant?

You should repot your Gollum Jade plant every two to three years or when you notice the roots coming out of the drainage holes or the soil becoming compacted.

Can I use regular potting soil for my Gollum Jade plant?

No, regular potting soil is too heavy and can cause root rot. Use a well-draining potting mix that’s specifically designed for succulent plants.

How do I know if my Gollum Jade plant needs water?

Check the top inch of soil for dryness. If it’s dry, water your plant. If it’s moist, wait a few more days before watering.

Why are the leaves on my Gollum Jade plant turning brown?

Brown leaves on a Gollum Jade plant can indicate overwatering or underwatering. Check the moisture level of the soil and adjust your watering accordingly.

Can I propagate my Gollum Jade plant after repotting?

Yes, you can propagate your Gollum Jade plant after repotting by taking stem cuttings and placing them in a well-draining potting mix. Wait until the cuttings have rooted before watering them.