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How to Repot Emmeliana Plant

Updated: June 20, 2022

Emmeliana Plant, commonly known as the ‘String of Pearls’ is a popular trailing succulent plant that can make an excellent addition to your indoor garden. This plant is native to South Africa and is characterized by its round, bead-like leaves that grow on long, slender stems.

Like all other plants, Emmeliana plants require repotting from time to time to maintain their growth and health. In this article, we will guide you on how to repot an Emmeliana plant.

When should you repot your Emmeliana plant?

You should consider repotting your Emmeliana plant when it outgrows its current pot or when the soil has become compacted and does not drain well. The best time for repotting an Emmeliana plant is during the growing season, which is usually in spring or summer.

What you need to repot your Emmeliana plant?

Before you begin repotting your Emmeliana plant, ensure that you have the following tools:

  • A new pot that is one size larger than the current pot
  • Fresh potting soil
  • A trowel or a small shovel
  • Water

Steps in repotting an Emmeliana plant

  1. Water the plant: Before you begin the repotting process, water your Emmeliana plant thoroughly. This will help to loosen the soil and reduce the amount of stress on the roots during transplantation.

  2. Remove the plant from its current pot: Gently remove the plant from its current pot by holding the base of the stem and rotating it slightly while pulling it out of the pot.

  3. Loosen the roots: Carefully loosen any compacted soil around the roots of your Emmeliana plant. You can use your fingers or a small tool like a trowel or a fork to gently remove any tangled roots.

  4. Add fresh soil: Fill the new pot with fresh potting soil, leaving enough space at the top for the plant to settle in.

  5. Repot the plant: Place your Emmeliana plant in the center of the new pot, ensuring that it is at the same depth it was in its previous pot. Add more soil around the plant, pressing it down gently as you go.

  6. Water the plant: After repotting your Emmeliana plant, water it thoroughly to help settle the soil around the roots.

Tips for repotting an Emmeliana plant

  • Choose a pot with drainage holes to ensure that excess water can drain properly.
  • Use a well-draining potting mix that will not retain water for long periods.
  • Do not water your Emmeliana plant for a few days after repotting to allow it to adjust to its new environment.


How often should you repot an Emmeliana plant?

You should repot your Emmeliana plant every two years or when it outgrows its current pot.

Can you use regular potting soil for an Emmeliana Plant?

No, regular potting soil may not be suitable for an Emmeliana plant as it may retain too much water, which can lead to root rot. It is best to use a well-draining succulent potting mix.

How do you know if your Emmeliana plant needs repotting?

If you notice that your Emmeliana plant is growing slowly or has become root-bound, it may be time for repotting. You can also check the drainage of your current pot; if water takes too long to drain, it may be an indication that the soil is compacted and needs repotting.

In conclusion, repotting your Emmeliana plant is essential for its growth and health. By following the steps outlined above, you can successfully repot your plant and enjoy its beauty for years to come.