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How to Prevent Cavendish Banana Plant from Rotting

Updated: April 26, 2022

Cavendish bananas are one of the most popular fruits in the world, and they are also one of the most vulnerable. The plant can easily rot if not properly taken care of, which can affect the yield and quality of the fruit. In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to prevent Cavendish banana plant from rotting.

Proper Soil Drainage

One of the main reasons why Cavendish banana plants rot is because of poor soil drainage. When the soil retains too much water, it can lead to root rot which can ultimately kill the plant. To prevent this from happening, ensure that the soil has good drainage by adding organic matter such as compost or mulch.

Adequate Sunlight

Cavendish banana plants require adequate sunlight to thrive. Insufficient sunlight can weaken the plant and make it prone to diseases and pests. Ensure that your banana plant receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day.

Proper Watering

Over-watering or under-watering your Cavendish banana plant can lead to root rot or dehydration respectively. Ensure that you water your plant consistently and only when necessary. Check the moisture level of the soil before watering and avoid watering during rainy seasons.

Proper Fertilization

Fertilization is essential for the growth and development of any plant, including Cavendish banana plants. However, over-fertilizing can cause damage to the roots and ultimately lead to rotting. Follow a proper fertilization schedule and use a balanced fertilizer that contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Pest Control

Pests such as nematodes and weevils can cause damage to the roots and leaves of Cavendish banana plants, making them more susceptible to rotting. Implement a pest control program that involves using natural methods such as neem oil or companion planting.


Harvesting your Cavendish banana plant at the right time can also prevent rotting. Bananas that are harvested too early or too late can become prone to rotting. Wait until the bananas turn yellow and start to develop brown spots before harvesting.


Cavendish banana plants are susceptible to rotting, but with proper care and maintenance, you can keep them healthy and productive. Ensure that you provide your banana plant with adequate sunlight, proper soil drainage, consistent watering, proper fertilization, pest control, and harvest at the right time.


How often should I water my Cavendish banana plant?

Water your banana plant consistently and only when necessary. Check the moisture level of the soil before watering and avoid watering during rainy seasons.

What should I do if my Cavendish banana plant is already rotting?

If your banana plant is already rotting, remove the infected parts immediately and treat it with a fungicide. Ensure that you follow a proper maintenance schedule to prevent future rotting.

How long does it take for Cavendish bananas to ripen?

It takes approximately 75-80 days for Cavendish bananas to ripen.

Can I grow Cavendish bananas indoors?

No, Cavendish bananas require adequate sunlight and space to grow properly. They are best grown outdoors in warm climates.

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