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How to Get Rid of Thrips in Columbine Plant

Updated: April 10, 2022

Columbine plants are a beautiful addition to any garden with their unique and colorful flowers. However, these plants are vulnerable to thrips, which can damage their leaves and flowers. Thrips are tiny insects that feed on the sap of plants, causing discoloration and deformities. In this article, we will discuss some effective ways to get rid of thrips in columbine plants.

Identify the symptoms

Before taking any action, it is essential to identify the signs of thrips infestation in your columbine plants. Here are some common symptoms of thrips infestation:

  • Discolored or silvery patches on leaves
  • Deformed or curled leaves
  • Stunted growth of plants
  • Brown or black spots on petals
  • Presence of small insects on leaves and flowers

If you notice any of these symptoms, it is likely that your columbine plant has been infested by thrips.

Remove affected parts

The first step in getting rid of thrips is to remove the affected parts of your columbine plant. Use pruning shears to cut off the damaged leaves and flowers. This will not only prevent the spread of thrips but also help your plant regenerate healthy foliage.

Use insecticidal soap

Insecticidal soap is an effective solution for getting rid of thrips in columbine plants. It works by suffocating the insects and disrupting their life cycle. To use insecticidal soap, mix one tablespoon of soap with one quart of water and spray it on your plant’s foliage. Be sure to cover both sides of the leaves thoroughly.

Apply neem oil

Neem oil is another effective remedy for thrips infestation in columbine plants. It contains azadirachtin, which disrupts the growth and reproduction of insects. To use neem oil, mix one tablespoon of oil with one quart of water and spray it on your plant’s foliage. Neem oil is safe for most plants and does not harm beneficial insects.

Use sticky traps

Sticky traps are an effective way to catch and kill thrips in columbine plants. They work by attracting the insects with bright colors and adhesive surfaces. You can buy sticky traps from garden centers or make your own by coating yellow index cards with petroleum jelly or cooking oil. Place the traps near your plant’s foliage and replace them regularly.

Keep your garden clean

Thrips thrive in dirty and cluttered environments, so it is essential to keep your garden clean to prevent their infestation. Remove any dead leaves or flowers from your columbine plant and avoid over-fertilizing it. Also, make sure to remove any weeds or debris from the surrounding area, as they can harbor thrips and other pests.


Are thrips harmful to humans?

No, thrips do not pose any significant health risks to humans. However, their bites can cause skin irritation in some people.

Can I use chemicals to get rid of thrips?

While chemical pesticides can be effective against thrips, they can also harm beneficial insects and pollute the environment. It is best to use natural remedies like insecticidal soap and neem oil to get rid of thrips in columbine plants.

How often should I spray my columbine plant with insecticidal soap or neem oil?

It is recommended to spray your plant once a week until the thrips are gone. Be sure to follow the instructions on the product label and avoid spraying during hot weather or when your plant is under stress.

In conclusion, thrips can be a nuisance for columbine plant owners, but there are several natural remedies that you can use to get rid of them. Remember to identify the symptoms, remove affected parts, and keep your garden clean to prevent thrips infestation in the future. With these tips, you can enjoy healthy and beautiful columbine plants in your garden.