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How to Get Rid of Spider Mites in Green Ti Plant

Updated: June 28, 2022

The green ti plant (Cordyline fruticosa) is a popular tropical houseplant, known for its colorful foliage and easy care. However, like any plant, it is susceptible to pests, with spider mites being one of the most common. These tiny arachnids feed on the sap of the plant, causing yellowing or browning of the leaves and, in severe cases, defoliation. If left uncontrolled, spider mites can cause significant damage to your green ti plant. In this article, we will discuss how to get rid of spider mites and prevent them from infesting your green ti plant.

Identifying Spider Mites

The first step in controlling spider mites is to identify them correctly. Spider mites are tiny, eight-legged creatures that are difficult to see with the naked eye. They are usually less than 1mm in size and can be red, brown, or yellow in color. To check if your green ti plant has spider mites, inspect the undersides of the leaves for webbing, which is a telltale sign of an infestation. You may also notice small dots on the leaves that resemble speckles of dust; these are actually spider mites.


The best way to control spider mites is to prevent them from infesting your green ti plant in the first place. Here are some tips to help you keep spider mites at bay:

  • Maintain a clean environment: Spider mites thrive in dusty conditions, so it’s essential to keep your green ti plant clean. Wipe down the leaves regularly with a damp cloth to remove any dust or debris that may have accumulated on them.
  • Avoid overwatering: Overwatering can create a humid environment that spider mites love. Water your green ti plant only when the top inch of the soil is dry, and make sure it has good drainage.
  • Isolate new plants: If you’re bringing a new plant into your home, isolate it from your other plants for a few weeks to make sure it’s not carrying any pests.
  • Increase humidity: Spider mites hate humid conditions, so increasing the humidity around your green ti plant can help prevent an infestation. You can do this by misting the leaves with water or placing a tray of water near the plant.


If you already have a spider mite infestation on your green ti plant, don’t panic. There are several treatment options available to help you get rid of them:

  • Prune affected leaves: Pruning affected leaves can help remove spider mites from your green ti plant. Use sharp scissors or pruning shears to cut off any leaves that are heavily infested with spider mites. Be sure to dispose of the leaves in a sealed plastic bag to prevent the spider mites from spreading to other plants.
  • Wash the leaves: Washing the leaves with a strong stream of water can help dislodge spider mites from your green ti plant. Use a handheld showerhead or take the plant outside and use a garden hose to rinse the leaves thoroughly.
  • Use insecticidal soap: Insecticidal soap is an effective treatment for spider mites. It works by suffocating the pests and disrupting their cell membranes. Follow the instructions on the label carefully and apply the soap to both sides of the leaves.
  • Use neem oil: Neem oil is a natural pesticide that can help control spider mites on your green ti plant. Mix 1 tablespoon of neem oil with 1 gallon of water and spray it on the leaves. Repeat the treatment every five to seven days until the infestation is under control.


How do spider mites spread?

Spider mites can spread quickly from plant to plant, especially if they are in close proximity. They can also be carried on clothing or by pets.

Are spider mites harmful to humans?

Spider mites are not harmful to humans, but they can cause skin irritation in some people. If you come into contact with spider mites, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Can I prevent spider mites from infesting my green ti plant?

Yes, you can prevent spider mites from infesting your green ti plant by maintaining a clean environment, avoiding overwatering, isolating new plants, and increasing humidity.

How often should I treat my green ti plant for spider mites?

You should treat your green ti plant for spider mites as soon as you notice an infestation. Repeat the treatment every five to seven days until the infestation is under control.

Can I use rubbing alcohol to kill spider mites on my green ti plant?

Rubbing alcohol can be used to kill spider mites on your green ti plant, but it may also damage the leaves. It’s best to use insecticidal soap or neem oil instead.