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How to Get Rid of Snails on Crossandra Plant

Updated: May 1, 2022

Crossandra plants are beautiful and vibrant, but they can be damaged by snails hiding in their leaves. Snails feed on the leaves and flowers of the plant, leaving unsightly holes and causing damage to the plant’s growth. In this article, we will discuss how to get rid of snails on crossandra plants.

Identify the Problem

The first step in getting rid of snails on your crossandra plant is to identify the problem. You may notice small holes in the leaves and flowers, or you may see shiny trails left behind by snails. These signs indicate that snails are present and are feeding on your plant.

Natural Methods

There are several natural methods that you can use to get rid of snails on your crossandra plant. These methods are safe for the plant and for the environment.


One way to get rid of snails is to handpick them from your plant. You can do this in the early morning or late evening when snails are most active. Simply pick them off and dispose of them away from your garden.

Copper Tape

Another effective method is to use copper tape around the base of your crossandra plant. Snails do not like copper, so they will avoid crossing over it. This method is easy to apply and can be purchased at most garden centers.


Snails are also deterred by eggshells. Crush up some eggshells and sprinkle them around the base of your crossandra plant. Snails will avoid crossing over them.

Chemical Methods

If natural methods do not work or if you have a severe infestation, you may need to resort to chemical methods. Always use caution when applying chemicals, as they can be harmful to both humans and the environment.

Slug Pellets

Slug pellets are a common chemical method for getting rid of snails. They contain a poison that will kill the snails when they eat it. However, this method can also harm other wildlife in your garden, such as birds and hedgehogs.

Iron Phosphate

Iron phosphate is a more environmentally friendly chemical method for getting rid of snails. It is safe for wildlife and will break down into iron and phosphate, which are both nutrients for your plants.


Prevention is key to avoiding a snail infestation on your crossandra plant. Here are a few tips:

  • Keep your garden area clean and free of debris.
  • Water your plants in the morning to allow them to dry during the day.
  • Avoid over-fertilizing your plants, as this can attract snails.
  • Create barriers around your plants using materials like gravel or mulch.

By following these prevention tips, you can help keep snails away from your crossandra plant.


Are snails harmful to my crossandra plant?

Yes, snails can be harmful to your crossandra plant. They feed on the leaves and flowers, causing damage to the plant’s growth.

Can I use salt to get rid of snails?

While salt can kill snails, it is not recommended as it can harm other wildlife in your garden and damage your soil.

How often should I check my crossandra plant for snails?

It is recommended to check your crossandra plant for snails at least once a week, especially during periods of high humidity or rainfall.

How can I attract natural predators to my garden to help control snail populations?

You can attract natural predators like birds and hedgehogs by providing them with food and shelter in your garden. You can also create a biodiversity-friendly environment by planting a variety of plants that will attract different types of wildlife.