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How to Get Rid of Slugs on Desert Rose Plant

Updated: December 27, 2022

If you have a desert rose plant, you know how beautiful they are. But these plants are susceptible to slugs, which can quickly damage or kill the plant. If you want to keep your desert rose healthy and free of slugs, here are some tips to follow.

1. Identify the Slugs

The first step to getting rid of slugs is identifying them. Slugs are small, slimy creatures that like to hide in cool, damp places. They usually come out at night or early in the morning, so you may not see them during the day. Look for slime trails on the leaves and stems of your desert rose, and check under pots or other objects near the plant.

2. Remove Attractants

Slugs are attracted to moisture and decaying organic matter. To discourage slugs from coming to your desert rose plant, remove any dead leaves or debris from around the base of the plant. Water your plant in the morning so that any excess moisture has a chance to dry before nightfall.

3. Use Copper Tape or Mesh

Copper tape or mesh can be an effective deterrent for slugs. The copper reacts with their slime, creating an unpleasant sensation that keeps them away from your plant. Place the tape or mesh around the base of your desert rose plant, making sure it touches the soil.

4. Handpick the Slugs

If you only have a few slugs on your plant, handpicking them may be an effective solution. Wear gloves and go out at night with a flashlight to find and remove any slugs you see. Be sure to dispose of them far away from your garden.

5. Use Slug Bait

Slug bait is a common solution for getting rid of slugs on plants. Look for a product that is safe for use on your desert rose plant and follow the instructions carefully. Avoid using slug bait if you have pets or small children that may ingest it.

6. Introduce Natural Predators

Some animals, such as chickens or ducks, love to eat slugs. If you have a backyard flock, consider letting them loose in your garden to help control the slug population. You can also introduce beneficial insects, such as ground beetles or nematodes, to your garden to naturally control slugs.

7. Maintain Good Hygiene

Good hygiene is essential to keeping slugs away from your desert rose plant. Keep your garden clean and tidy, removing any debris or dead leaves that may attract slugs. Avoid overwatering your plant, as excess moisture can create a hospitable environment for slugs.

By following these tips, you can keep your desert rose plant healthy and free of slugs.


Can slugs harm my desert rose plant?

Yes, slugs can damage or kill a desert rose plant if left untreated.

What is the best time to check for slugs on my desert rose?

Slugs are most active at night or early in the morning, so those are the best times to check for them.

Can I use salt to get rid of slugs on my desert rose?

No, salt can be harmful to your desert rose plant and should not be used as a slug deterrent.

What should I do if I see eggs on my desert rose plant?

Remove any eggs you see immediately and dispose of them far away from your garden. Eggs can hatch quickly and increase the slug population in your garden.