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How to Get Rid of Slugs on Delray Plant

Updated: May 6, 2022

Slugs are one of the most common pests that affect plants in Delray. They can cause significant damage to your plants, but fortunately, there are several ways to get rid of them. In this article, we’ll take a look at some effective methods for controlling slugs on Delray plants.

Understanding Slugs

Slugs are soft-bodied creatures that belong to the mollusk family. They are generally found in cool, damp areas and feed on a wide range of plant material. Slugs can be identified by their slimy texture and their tendency to leave a trail of slime wherever they go.

Slugs can cause significant damage to your plants by eating holes in the leaves and stems. They tend to be most active at night when the temperature is cooler and the humidity is higher.

Methods for Controlling Slugs

There are several methods for controlling slugs on Delray plants. Here are some of the most effective:


One of the simplest ways to control slugs is to handpick them off your plants. This method is best done at night when slugs are most active. Use a flashlight to spot slugs on your plants and pick them off by hand. Put them in a container with soapy water to dispose of them.

Beer Traps

Beer traps are another effective way to control slugs. Simply place a shallow dish filled with beer near your plants. The slugs will be attracted to the beer and will crawl in, where they will drown. Be sure to empty and refill the beer trap regularly.

Copper Tape

Copper tape is an effective barrier against slugs. Place copper tape around the base of your plant or around the edges of your garden bed. When slugs come into contact with the copper, it gives them a small electric shock which repels them from the area.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a natural substance that can be used to control slugs. It is made up of the fossilized remains of diatoms and has sharp edges that cut into the soft bodies of slugs, causing them to dehydrate and die. Simply sprinkle diatomaceous earth around the base of your plant or around the edges of your garden bed.

Slug Bait

Slug bait is a chemical treatment that can be used to control slugs. It comes in various forms such as pellets, granules, or liquids. The active ingredient in slug bait is usually metaldehyde or iron phosphate. Follow the instructions on the label carefully when using slug bait.

Preventing Slugs

Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to pest control. Here are some tips for preventing slugs from attacking your plants:

  • Water your plants in the morning so that they are dry by nightfall.
  • Keep your garden bed clean and free from debris.
  • Use a drip irrigation system instead of overhead watering.
  • Keep your garden bed well-mulched to retain moisture.
  • Use plants that slugs don’t like such as lavender or rosemary.


Are slugs harmful to humans?

While slugs are not harmful to humans, they can carry parasites such as lungworm which can be dangerous to dogs and cats.

Can I use salt to control slugs?

While salt can be effective at killing slugs, it can also harm your plants and soil. We recommend using one of the methods outlined above instead.

How often should I check my plants for slugs?

We recommend checking your plants for slugs at least once a week, especially during periods of high humidity.

In conclusion, controlling slugs on Delray plants is essential for maintaining healthy and beautiful gardens. By using the methods outlined above, you can effectively control slugs and prevent them from damaging your plants. Remember to always follow the instructions on the label when using chemical treatments and to take preventative measures to keep slugs at bay.