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How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies on Fiddly Fig Plant

Updated: April 7, 2022

Fruit flies are a common problem for indoor gardeners, especially those who grow fiddly fig plants. These tiny pests are not only annoying but can also cause damage to your plants. Luckily, there are several ways to get rid of fruit flies and prevent them from returning.

Identify the Fruit Flies

Before you start trying to get rid of fruit flies, it’s essential to make sure you’re dealing with the right pest. Fruit flies are small, usually around 1/8 inch in length and have reddish-brown bodies. They have large wings that allow them to fly quickly and erratically. They are attracted to ripe or rotting fruits and vegetables, as well as moist soil.

Clean the Surrounding Area

The first step in getting rid of fruit flies is to clean the surrounding area. Fruit flies are attracted to moist and dirty environments, so it’s essential to keep your plant’s surroundings clean and dry. Remove any fallen leaves or debris from the soil surface and wipe down the leaves with a damp cloth.

Trap the Fruit Flies

If cleaning alone doesn’t work, you can use traps to catch fruit flies. There are several types of traps available, including sticky traps and apple cider vinegar traps. Sticky traps work by trapping the fruit flies on a sticky surface, while apple cider vinegar traps attract fruit flies with a sweet smell and trap them in the vinegar.

To make an apple cider vinegar trap, fill a small jar or bowl with apple cider vinegar and add a few drops of dish soap. The dish soap will break the surface tension of the vinegar, causing the fruit flies to drown.

Use Insecticides

If cleaning and trapping don’t work, you may need to use insecticides. However, it’s important to be careful when using insecticides around your plants. Choose an insecticide that is safe for indoor use and follow the instructions carefully.

Prevent Future Infestations

The best way to prevent future infestations is to keep your plant’s surroundings clean and dry. You can also use a soil drench treatment with beneficial nematodes or apply diatomaceous earth to the soil surface. These treatments will kill any fruit fly larvae in the soil and prevent them from hatching.

FAQ Section

Are fruit flies harmful to fiddly fig plants?

Fruit flies are not harmful to fiddly fig plants, but they can cause damage if left untreated. Fruit flies lay their eggs in the soil, and the larvae can feed on the plant’s roots, causing damage to the plant.

Can I use insecticides on my fiddly fig plant?

Yes, you can use insecticides on your fiddly fig plant, but it’s important to choose an insecticide that is safe for indoor use and follow the instructions carefully.

How often should I clean my fiddly fig plant’s surroundings?

It’s recommended to clean your fiddly fig plant’s surroundings at least once a week to prevent fruit fly infestations.