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How to Get Rid of Crusader Bugs on Dracena Plant

Updated: April 18, 2023

Dracena plant is one of the most popular indoor plants, known for its beautiful foliage and easy care. However, like any other plant, it is susceptible to pests and diseases. One of the most common pests that affect dracena plants is the crusader bug. These bugs are small, about 1/4 inch long, and they feed on the sap of the plant, causing damage to the leaves and stunting growth. If you notice crusader bugs on your dracena plant, it is crucial to take immediate action to prevent them from spreading and causing more damage. Here are some tips on how to get rid of crusader bugs on dracena plants.

Identify the Crusader Bugs

The first step in getting rid of crusader bugs on your dracena plant is to identify them correctly. Crusader bugs are small, brownish-red insects with a flattened body shape. They have a pointed head and a narrow body with six legs. They are usually found on the undersides of leaves or stems where they feed on the plant sap.

Remove Infested Leaves

The next step is to remove any leaves that are infested with crusader bugs. Use a pair of clean scissors or pruning shears to cut off the affected leaves as close to the stem as possible. Be sure to dispose of these leaves outside your home, so the bugs don’t spread to other plants.

Wash the Plant

After removing the infested leaves, it’s time to wash your dracena plant thoroughly. Use a gentle soap solution or insecticidal soap to wash the entire plant, paying special attention to the undersides of leaves and stems where crusader bugs are often found. Repeat this process every few days until you no longer see any signs of infestation.

Apply Insecticides

If washing your dracena plant doesn’t work, you can also apply insecticides to get rid of crusader bugs. There are many insecticides available in the market that are specifically designed to target crusader bugs. However, be sure to choose an insecticide that is safe for your plant and follow the instructions carefully.

Keep Your Plant Healthy

The best way to prevent crusader bugs from infesting your dracena plant is to keep it healthy. Make sure your plant has enough water and sunlight, and fertilize it regularly with a balanced fertilizer. A healthy plant is less susceptible to pests and diseases than a weakened one.


Getting rid of crusader bugs on your dracena plant requires a combination of approaches, including identifying the bugs, removing infested leaves, washing the plant, applying insecticides, and keeping your plant healthy. By following these steps, you can effectively get rid of crusader bugs and ensure the health of your dracena plant.


Can crusader bugs harm humans?

No, crusader bugs do not harm humans.

Can I use neem oil to get rid of crusader bugs?

Yes, neem oil is an effective natural remedy for getting rid of crusader bugs on plants.

Can I prevent crusader bugs from infesting my dracena plant?

Yes, you can prevent crusader bugs from infesting your dracena plant by keeping it healthy and inspecting it regularly for signs of pests or diseases.