Updated: May 17, 2022

False Aralia plants are popular houseplants known for their lush foliage and attractive appearance. However, like any other plant, they are susceptible to pests and diseases. One of the most common pests that affect False Aralia plants is borers. Borers are insects that bore into the stems and cause damage to the plant. If not controlled, these pests can kill your False Aralia plant. In this article, we will discuss how to get rid of borers on a False Aralia plant.

Identify the signs of borer infestation

Before you can get rid of borers on your False Aralia plant, you need to identify the signs of an infestation. Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Tiny holes in the stems
  • Sawdust-like residue around the base of the plant
  • Wilting or yellowing leaves
  • Stunted growth

If you notice any of these signs, it’s likely that your False Aralia plant has a borer infestation.

Remove affected stems

The first step in getting rid of borers on a False Aralia plant is to remove the affected stems. Use sharp pruning shears to cut off any stems that show signs of damage. Make sure to cut at least 1 inch below the damaged area to ensure that all the borers are removed.

Apply insecticide

Once you have removed the affected stems, it’s time to apply an insecticide to kill any remaining borers. There are several insecticides available in the market that are effective against borers. Follow the instructions on the label carefully when applying insecticide to your False Aralia plant.

Prevent future infestations

Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to pest control. Here are some steps you can take to prevent future borer infestations:

  • Keep your False Aralia plant healthy by providing it with adequate water, nutrients, and sunlight.
  • Inspect your plant regularly for any signs of damage or infestation.
  • Avoid over-fertilizing your False Aralia plant as this can attract pests.
  • Quarantine any new plants to ensure that they are not carrying pests.


Borers can be a serious threat to your False Aralia plant. However, with proper identification and treatment, you can get rid of them and prevent future infestations. Remember to keep your plant healthy and inspect it regularly to catch any signs of damage early on.


Can I use organic methods to get rid of borers on my False Aralia plant?

Yes, there are several organic methods that you can use to get rid of borers on your False Aralia plant. These include using neem oil, diatomaceous earth, or insecticidal soap.

Can I save my False Aralia plant if it has a severe borer infestation?

It depends on the severity of the infestation. If the majority of the stems are affected, it may be difficult to save the plant. However, if you catch the infestation early and take prompt action, you may be able to save your False Aralia plant.

How often should I inspect my False Aralia plant for pests?

You should inspect your False Aralia plant at least once a week for any signs of pests or diseases. This will help you catch any problems early on and prevent them from spreading.