Updated: May 29, 2022

Echinacea plants are a beautiful addition to any garden or landscape. However, they can be a magnet for ants. Ants are attracted to the sweet nectar produced by the echinacea plant, and once they find it, they will keep coming back for more. Unfortunately, ants can also bring other pests like aphids and mealybugs that can damage your echinacea plant. Here are some ways to get rid of ants on your echinacea plant:

Natural Remedies

  1. Diatomaceous earth – This is a natural powder made from fossilized diatoms. It works by dehydrating ants and other insects that come into contact with it. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth around the base of your echinacea plant to create a barrier that ants won’t want to cross.

  2. Cinnamon – Cinnamon is a natural ant repellent because the smell of cinnamon disrupts their scent trails. Sprinkle cinnamon around the base of your echinacea plant to deter ants from climbing up to the flowers.

  3. Peppermint oil – Peppermint oil is a natural ant repellent that works in a similar way to cinnamon. Mix a few drops of peppermint oil with water and spray it on the base of your echinacea plant.

  4. Soap water – Soap water can help control ants infestation by killing them instantly. Mix some dish soap with water and spray the solution on the affected areas.

Chemical Remedies

  1. Ant bait – Ant baits work by attracting ants with a sweet substance and then poisoning them when they consume it. Place ant baits around the base of your echinacea plant to eliminate the entire colony.

  2. Insecticidal soap – Insecticidal soap is a chemical solution that can be sprayed on plants to kill insects. It is a safer alternative to chemical pesticides and won’t harm beneficial insects like bees and ladybugs.

  3. Pyrethrin spray – Pyrethrin is a natural insecticide derived from chrysanthemum flowers. It can be sprayed directly on plants to kill insects, including ants.


Prevention is always better than cure. Here are some ways to prevent ants from infesting your echinacea plant:

  1. Keep your garden clean – Ants are attracted to food scraps and debris, so make sure to clean up any fallen leaves or fruit in your garden.

  2. Trim back branches and foliage – Ants use branches and foliage as highways to travel from one location to another. Trim back any branches or foliage that touch your echinacea plant.

  3. Mulch – Mulch can help keep ants away from your echinacea plant by creating a barrier that they won’t want to cross.


Ants can damage your echinacea plant by bringing other pests that can harm the flowers. Natural remedies like diatomaceous earth, cinnamon, peppermint oil, and soap water can help control ant infestation without harming the environment. Chemical remedies like ant bait, insecticidal soap, and pyrethrin spray are also effective but should be used with caution. Prevention is always the best solution, so keep your garden clean, trim back branches and foliage, and mulch around your echinacea plant.


Are ants harmful to echinacea plants?

Ants themselves aren’t harmful to echinacea plants, but they can bring other pests like aphids and mealybugs that can damage the flowers.

Can I use vinegar to get rid of ants on my echinacea plant?

Vinegar can kill ants, but it can also harm your echinacea plant. It’s best to use natural remedies like diatomaceous earth, cinnamon, or peppermint oil.

How often should I apply insecticidal soap to my echinacea plant?

Follow the instructions on the insecticidal soap label. Most insecticidal soaps need to be applied every 7-14 days until the infestation is under control.