Updated: October 9, 2022

Corn is one of the most popular crops in the world. It is an important source of food, feed, and fuel. Corn stalks are the stems or trunks of corn plants that support the leaves, ears, and tassels. Corn stalks are also used for making biofuels, paper, and other products. But how quickly does a corn stalk plant grow? In this article, we will explore the growth stages of corn stalk plants and how long it takes for them to reach maturity.

Growth Stages of Corn Stalk Plants

Corn plants go through several stages of growth before they mature. These stages are:


Germination is the first stage of growth in corn plants. It occurs when the seed is planted in soil and starts to absorb water. The seed then swells and the embryo inside begins to grow. The roots and shoot emerge from the seed, and the plant begins to grow.

Vegetative Stage

The vegetative stage is when the plant grows leaves, stems, and roots. During this stage, the plant requires large amounts of water and nutrients to grow strong roots and leaves. The vegetative stage lasts for about six to eight weeks.

Reproductive Stage

The reproductive stage is when the corn plant produces ears and tassels. Ears are the female part of the plant that produce kernels, while tassels are the male part that produce pollen. The reproductive stage lasts for about three to four weeks.

Maturation Stage

The maturation stage is when the kernels on the ear reach maturity and are ready to be harvested. This stage can take up to three weeks.

Factors Affecting Corn Stalk Plant Growth

Several factors can affect the growth rate of corn stalk plants. These factors include:

Soil Conditions

Corn plants require well-drained soil with good fertility. Soil that is too wet, dry, or compacted can slow down the growth rate of corn plants.


Corn plants require warm temperatures and adequate moisture to grow. Cold temperatures and drought can slow down the growth rate of corn plants.

Planting Density

The density of corn plants can affect their growth rate. Plants that are too close together will compete for nutrients and sunlight, which can slow down their growth rate.

How Quickly Does Corn Stalk Plant Grow?

Corn stalk plants can grow very quickly under optimal conditions. On average, corn stalk plants can grow up to 8 feet tall in just three months. However, the growth rate of corn stalk plants depends on several factors, such as soil conditions, climate, and planting density.


How long does it take for a corn plant to reach maturity?

It takes about 110 to 120 days for a corn plant to reach maturity.

How tall do corn stalks grow?

Corn stalks can grow up to 8 feet tall under optimal conditions.

What is the best time to plant corn?

The best time to plant corn is in the spring after the last frost date in your area.

How much water does a corn plant need?

Corn plants require about 1 inch of water per week during the growing season.