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How Much Space to Leave Between Each Crassula Plant

Updated: March 23, 2022

Crassulas are low-maintenance succulent plants that are well-known for their thick, fleshy leaves and attractive appearance. They are easy to care for and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. One of the most common questions that crassula growers have is how much space they should leave between each plant. In this article, we will explore the different factors that determine the spacing and provide some guidelines for planting crassulas.

Factors That Determine the Spacing

The amount of space you need to leave between each crassula plant will depend on several factors, including:

1. Crassula variety

Different varieties of crassula plants have different growth habits and sizes. For example, the Crassula ovata (Jade Plant) can grow up to 4 feet tall, while the Crassula muscosa (Watch Chain) only grows up to 6 inches in height. The spacing between each plant will depend on the size of the variety you are planting.

2. Growing Conditions

Growing conditions also play an essential role in determining the spacing between each plant. If you are growing crassulas in a container, you may need to space them out more than if you were planting them in the ground. The size of the container and the type of soil used will also impact how much space each plant needs.

3. Growth Rate

The growth rate of your crassula plants will also influence the spacing required between them. Some varieties grow faster than others and may require more space between them as they mature.

Guidelines for Planting Crassulas

Here are some general guidelines for planting crassulas:

1. Planting in Containers

If you are planting crassulas in a container, make sure that there is enough space between each plant to allow for growth. A good rule of thumb is to leave at least 2 inches between each plant. If you are using a shallow container, you may want to space them out a little more to prevent overcrowding.

2. Planting in the Ground

If you are planting crassulas in the ground, the spacing will depend on the size of the variety you are planting. Larger varieties may need to be spaced out by up to 3 feet, while smaller varieties can be planted closer together.

3. Watering

When it comes to watering your crassulas, make sure that you are not overwatering them. Overwatering can lead to root rot and other problems. It is better to underwater them than overwater them. Crassulas like well-draining soil, so make sure that your soil is not waterlogged.

4. Light

Crassulas need plenty of light to thrive, so make sure that they are getting enough sunlight. If you are growing them indoors, place them near a south-facing window or under grow lights.


Can I plant different varieties of crassulas together?

Yes, you can plant different varieties of crassulas together as long as they have similar growing requirements.

How often should I water my crassulas?

Crassulas like well-draining soil and do not need frequent watering. Water them only when the soil has completely dried out.

How can I tell if my crassula needs water?

The leaves of a crassula will become soft and wrinkled if it needs water. If the leaves feel firm and plump, it does not need water.

Can I propagate my crassula plants?

Yes, crassulas are easy to propagate from stem cuttings or leaf cuttings. Wait until the cuttings have calloused over before planting them in well-draining soil.