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How Much Oxygen Does China Doll Plant Produce?

Updated: April 1, 2022

China doll plant, also known as Radermachera Sinica, is a popular houseplant among many plant enthusiasts. It is native to Southeast Asia and is known for its lush, shiny green leaves and delicate pink or white flowers.

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, the China doll plant is also beneficial to the air quality in your home. Like other plants, it produces oxygen through photosynthesis. In this article, we will explore how much oxygen the China doll plant produces and its impact on the environment.

The Process of Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is the process by which plants produce their own food using sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide. During this process, plants release oxygen into the air as a byproduct. The amount of oxygen produced depends on various factors such as the size of the plant, the amount of light it receives, and the level of carbon dioxide in the air.

Oxygen Production of China Doll Plant

The China doll plant is known for its high rate of photosynthesis, which means it produces a relatively high amount of oxygen compared to other houseplants. According to a study by NASA, one medium-sized China doll plant can produce 0.027 cubic meters or 27 liters of oxygen per day.

To put this into perspective, an average human consumes approximately 550 liters of oxygen per day. This means that one China doll plant can provide enough oxygen for one person for approximately two days.

Benefits of Having China Doll Plants in Your Home

Aside from producing oxygen, China doll plants have several other benefits that make them a great addition to your home. Here are some of them:

  • Air purification: China doll plants filter out harmful toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene from the air, making it cleaner and healthier to breathe.
  • Aesthetics: With their lush green foliage and delicate flowers, China doll plants make an excellent decorative piece in your home.
  • Low maintenance: China doll plants are relatively easy to care for, making them a great choice for beginners or busy individuals.


In conclusion, the China doll plant is a great addition to any home, not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its ability to produce oxygen and purify the air. One medium-sized plant can produce approximately 27 liters of oxygen per day, which is enough to sustain one person for approximately two days. So, if you’re looking for a plant that is both beautiful and beneficial, the China doll plant is definitely worth considering.


How often should I water my China doll plant?

China doll plants prefer moist soil but do not like to be overwatered. Water your plant once a week or when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch.

Can China doll plants survive in low light conditions?

While China doll plants prefer bright, indirect light, they can survive in low light conditions. However, they may grow more slowly and produce fewer leaves.

How often should I fertilize my China doll plant?

Fertilize your China doll plant once a month during the growing season (spring and summer) with a balanced fertilizer. Do not fertilize during the dormant season (fall and winter).