Updated: April 23, 2022

If you’re looking for a unique and low-maintenance plant to add to your indoor garden, the Gollum plant might be just what you need. This succulent plant is known for its unusual shape, which resembles the character Gollum from Lord of the Rings. However, before you rush out to buy one, it’s important to consider the size of your Gollum plant and whether it’s the right fit for your space.

What is a Gollum plant?

The Gollum plant, also known as Crassula ovata ‘Gollum,’ is a succulent plant that belongs to the Crassulaceae family. It’s native to South Africa and is a popular choice for indoor gardens because of its unique appearance and low maintenance requirements. The leaves of the Gollum plant are thick and fleshy, with a tubular shape that resembles the fingers of a hand. The leaves are usually green but can turn red when exposed to bright sunlight.

How big do Gollum plants get?

Gollum plants are relatively small, growing to a maximum height of around 2 feet (60 cm). However, their size can vary depending on various factors such as the pot size, soil quality, and light conditions. If you keep your Gollum plant in a small pot, it will stay smaller than if you were to transplant it into a larger one. The same goes for soil quality; if your plant has access to nutrient-rich soil, it will grow faster and larger than if it were in poor-quality soil. Similarly, if your Gollum plant receives plenty of light, it will grow faster than if it’s kept in a shady area.

Is a Gollum plant suitable for small spaces?

Yes, Gollum plants are an excellent option for small spaces because they don’t take up much room. They’re also low maintenance, which means you won’t have to spend a lot of time caring for them. However, it’s important to remember that even though Gollum plants are small, they still need plenty of light to thrive. If your space doesn’t get much natural light, you may need to supplement with artificial light.

How do I care for my Gollum plant?

Gollum plants are relatively easy to care for, but there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure they stay healthy. Here are some tips:

  • Watering: Gollum plants don’t need a lot of water, so it’s best to let the soil dry out between waterings. Overwatering can cause the roots to rot.
  • Light: Gollum plants need plenty of light to thrive. They prefer bright, indirect light but can tolerate some direct sunlight.
  • Soil: Gollum plants prefer well-draining soil that’s rich in nutrients. A good quality cactus or succulent soil mix will work well.
  • Temperature: Gollum plants prefer warm temperatures and don’t like to be exposed to cold drafts.
  • Fertilizer: Gollum plants don’t require a lot of fertilizer, but you can use a balanced succulent fertilizer during the growing season (spring and summer).


Can I propagate my Gollum plant?

Yes, Gollum plants can be easily propagated by taking stem cuttings and rooting them in soil or water.

Do Gollum plants flower?

Yes, Gollum plants produce small white or pink flowers during their growing season.

Can I keep my Gollum plant outside?

Gollum plants are best kept indoors because they’re sensitive to cold temperatures and frost.

Is it okay to prune my Gollum plant?

Yes, you can prune your Gollum plant to control its size or shape. Use clean, sharp scissors to make the cuts.

In conclusion, the Gollum plant is an excellent option for indoor gardening, whether you have a large or small space. Its unique appearance and low maintenance requirements make it a popular choice amongst succulent enthusiasts. Just remember to provide plenty of light, well-draining soil, and don’t overwater. With proper care, your Gollum plant will thrive for years to come.